OTC Drug Focus: China Market Overview and CBEC Channel Analysis
[Wednesday , 26th Oct 2022]
OTC Drug Focus: China Market Overview and CBEC Channel Analysis
Angelita Hu
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In China, OTC drugs mainly refer to cold drugs, cough drugs, pain relievers, gastrointestinal prokinetic drugs, gastric antacids, vitamins, anthelmintics, tonics, constipation drugs, drugs for external use, contraceptives, skin care drugs, etc. According to IQVIA, China’s OTC drug market has been keeping steady growth. The market sales are expected to increase from 244 billion yuan in 2021 to 306.1 billion yuan in 2025, with a CAGR of 5.3%. Cross-border e-commerce (CBEC), an emerging entry channel to China, has also become a popular option for OTC drug companies to try out the Chinese market. Euromonitor’s data shows that the CBEC market of OTC drugs achieved a CAGR of 120% from 2018 to 2021, far outpacing the growth of other retail channels.

During the webinar, Angelita Hu will give a detailed introduction to the Chinese OTC market, analyze the performance of the CBEC channel and detail how to access China via CBEC.


1. Definition and classification of OTC drugs in China

2. Chinese OTC drug market overview

  • Market size and growth rate

  • Comparison of OTC drugs and other drugs in the market

  • Segments performance

  • Distribution channel performance

3. CBEC channel analysis

  • Basic introduction to CBEC

  • CBEC market size of OTC drugs

  • Popular segments

  • Import policy

Angelita Hu
ChemLinked Content Manager
Angelita Hu is the content manager and regulatory analyst at ChemLinked. She focuses on researching cosmetic and food regulations in China, the rest of the Asia Pacific region, Europe, and the Americas, promoting and implementing regulatory content innovation and finding global partners to co-build a content ecosystem.