How to Sell OTC Drugs to China via Cross-border E-commerce
[Wednesday , 27th Apr 2022]
How to Sell OTC Drugs to China via Cross-border E-commerce
Grace Wang
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China's over-the-counter (OTC) drug market is enormous, with the size of 109.22 billion yuan (circa US$17.13 billion) in 2020. The market keeps gaining momentum due to the aging population and the growing healthcare awareness.  

The market access regulation on OTC drugs has eased a bit in recent years. In 2019 and 2021, China approved two pilot programs in Beijing and Henan, respectively, for importing OTC drugs through cross-border e-commerce (CBEC). Thus, CBEC emerges as a new opportunity for foreign OTC medicines to enter China.

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This webinar will introduce China's OTC drug market and CBEC regulations. We recommend the article for understanding the topic better. For any related questions, please send them to


1. How China Regulates OTC Drugs

2. An Overview of China's OTC Drug Market

3. China's CBEC Regulations

 3.1 Delivery Mode: 

  • Bonded Warehouse (Customs Supervision Code: 1210), B2B2C;

  • Direct Mail (Customs Supervision Code: 9610), B2C;

  • Direct Mail, C2C

 3.2 Preferential Tax Policy

 3.3 Positive List

4. How to Establish an Online Pharmacy on a Chinese CBEC Platform

5. BaiPharm's CBEC Service for Overseas Medical Suppliers

Grace Wang
ChemLinked Regulatory Analyst / Editor
Grace Wang is a regulatory analyst and editor specializing in China's pharmaceutical regulations and market trends. She provides articles and webinars to help overseas pharma companies enter the Chinese market. Her areas of focus include DMF filing, new drug application, pharmacovigilance, and the volume-based procurement policy.