Decoding China's Drug Marketing Authorization Holder (MAH) System
[Tuesday, 31st May 2022]
Decoding China's Drug Marketing Authorization Holder (MAH) System
Joy Chen

In recent years, China's pharmaceutical industry has been developing, reforming and innovating. As a highlight in China's Drug Administration Law revised in 2019, the marketing authorization holder (MAH) system impacts the pharmaceutical industry significantly.

For overseas pharmaceutical companies interested in the Chinese market, it is helpful to attend the webinar to know the answers to the following questions:

  • How is the MAH system designed in China?

  • What companies can act as MAHs in various scenarios?

  • What are the responsibilities and obligations of MAHs in China?

  • How to choose an MAH when an overseas drug is ready to enter the Chinese market?

In this webinar, Joy Chen, BaiPharm Business Development Manager, will answer the questions and talk about the requirements of the new MAH system in China, the way to control the change of MAHs under different circumstances, and the future trends and advantages of the Chinese MAH system based on its development history.

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1. Development and status of the MAH System in China

2. Management of Domestic and Foreign MAHs

3. Change Control of MAHs

4. Advantages of the MAH System

Joy Chen
BaiPharm BD Manager
Joy Chen, BaiPharm BD Manager, specializes in pharmaceutical fields. She provides product registration services, including DMF filing, new drug application (NDA), medical device filing and registration, GMP consulting, and customized training to global clients.
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