China Market Entry Strategy for Overseas Pharmaceuticals
[Friday, 12th Nov 2021]
China Market Entry Strategy for Overseas Pharmaceuticals
Feng Zhou

As China's economy keeps growing, people's interest in the health and drug industries have been rising. China's drug market continues to expand and has become the second largest market after the United States, which makes China an attractive investment place for global pharmaceutical enterprises. Many drug enterprises from Europe, the US, Japan, etc. are keen to enter China's market.

China might have a different market culture and regulatory system compared to other countries. What could be the concerns with business collaboration and regulatory compliance for foreign companies?

  • How big on earth is China's pharmaceutical market?

  • What collaborative transaction modes are commonest in China?  

  • What are the therapeutic areas that Chinese pharmaceutical companies are most interested in?

  • What should foreign pharmaceutical companies prepare before entering the Chinese market?

  • What are the main opportunities and challenges faced during the product introduction?


To answer your questions, we have invited Mr. Zhou Feng from Haisco Pharmaceutical Group, to give a speech on "How Can Foreign Medical Products Embrace the Chinese Market", In this webinar, Mr. Zhou Feng will start with the overview of Chinese pharmaceutical market. Then he will summarize the collaborative transactions, and eventually specify the concerns of Chinese companies and consideration for cooperation, including product, intellectual property, enterprise, business mode and mutual understanding and enduring patience. 


1. Overview of Chinese Market

2. Summary of Cooperation and Transactions

3. Concerns of Chinese Companies and Considerations for Cooperation

Feng Zhou
Director of Business Development
Dr. Zhou Feng graduated from China Pharmaceutical University. He has more than ten years of experience in product evaluation, strategic planning and cooperative transactions. At present, he is responsible for BD at Haisco Pharmaceutical Group. Prior to joining Haisco, Dr. Zhou worked for Innovent and Simcere in product development and strategic layout involving cancers, autoimmune diseases, anesthesia pain and biologic drugs. He also served Clarivate with extensive knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical industry and consulting business. He facilitated the strategic cooperation between Innovent and Lilly. In addition, he was responsible for or directly involved in multiple licensing-in /out projects, technical cooperation and corporate strategic cooperation at home and abroad through business development.
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