Decoding China's Good Pharmacovigilance Practices (GVP)
[Friday, 12th Nov 2021]
Decoding China's Good Pharmacovigilance Practices (GVP)
Daniel Yu

In order to implement the requirements of establishing a pharmacovigilance system as regulated in Drug Administration Law of China, the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) issued the “Good Pharmacovigilance Practice” (GVP) on May 13, 2021, which has become effective since December 1, 2021. As the first pharmacovigilance-related supporting document for the newly revised Drug Administration Law of China, it defines the work scope of MAHs and clinical trial sponsors.

The “Good Pharmacovigilance Practice” is of great significance to build a pharmacovigilance system, regulate pharmacovigilance activities in China. With a lot of experience introduced from ICH and other developed countries. GVP is much more comprehensive than the previous pharmacovigilance regulations, which mainly focused on ADRs. It provides official guidance for Chinese pharmaceutical companies on almost every step in pharmacovigilance activities. For some overseas companies, the release of the new GVP means that the old time when they paid not as much attention to pharmacovigilance in China as other markets should end. Instead, they need to comply with the new GVP requirements, especially those particular to China.

In this webinar, Mr. Daniel Yu, associate PV Director of Zhejiang Taimei Medical Technology Co., Ltd, will explain the background, scope of application, and framework of pharmacovigilance regulations in China.

Who Should Attend?

The responsible person, the person in charge of pharmacovigilance, pharmacovigilance personnel, quality management personnel, and personnel of related departments in pharmaceutical companies

Contract Research Organization (CRO) PV, MA, QA, QC, clinical staff


1. Background for the Implementation of GVP in China

2. Interpretation of Key Requirements of GVP in China

3. Best Practices for the Compliance of PV System

Daniel Yu
Associate PV Director
Mr. Yu He has a master’s degree in Medicinal Chemistry from Hebei University. He is currently the deputy director of Pharmacovigilance of Taimei Technology, where he is responsible for PVG service team management at home. He is good at providing customers with whole-process solutions based on Taimei’s technologies. He has good knowledge of regulations and requirements in the domestic market, the work flow of PV operations for listed foreign companies, and the whole process and detailed requirements of clinical development (phase I-IV), overall services and research projects after listing.
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