BaiPharm Regulatory Database Is Online: A Useful Tool to Search for China’s Pharma Guidelines, Regulations, and Standards

by Grace Wang Feb 16, 2023

On Feb. 7, 2023, ChemLinked BaiPharm Regulatory Database got online. It is a useful tool for ChemLinked users, especially overseas pharmaceutical companies that aim for China market, to search for China’s official guidelines, regulations, and Chinese Pharmacopoeia standards.

Tips for use

1. Type something in the “Title” box, and click the green button with the magnifying glass on it, and then you’ll get the search result below.

chemlinked-baipharm-regulatory-database-search-box.pngChemLinked BaiPharm Regulatory Database Search Box

2. You can choose any of the four choices in the “Status” box, which states the legal effect status of the regulation:

 (1) In force;

 (2) Invalid;

 (3) draft;

 (4) to be enforce.

3. You can also select any of the tags in the “Subject” box, which is about the topics of the regulations. 

4. Some regulations in the database already have English translations by China’s drug regulators or by a third party. You can download the translated documents for free.

download-the-official-translation-document-for-free.pngDownload the official translation document for freeFor those without English translations, you can click the “Request” button to ask for ChemLinked’s translation service.

request-for-chemlinked-translation.pngRequest for Chemlinked BaiPharm translation

5. The Translation Store displays ChemLinked’s translation of the regulations. You can buy the translated documents here.

chemlinked-baipharm-translation-store.pngChemLinked BaiPharm Regulatory Translation Storebuy-chemlinked-translation.pngBuy Document Translated by ChemLinked

What if you cannot find the regulation

Don't worry if there is no matched result. Please send an email to We’ll reply to you as soon as possible.

chemlinked-baipharm-regulatory-database.jpegChemLinked BaiPharm Regulatory Database Is Online

Grace Wang
ChemLinked Regulatory Analyst & Editor
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